Apostle Ron Sawka of Arise 5 came to Kota Kinabalu in 2001 to train folks to move into the Apostolic and Prophetic anointings. He has imparted Apostolic Prophetic Foundational teachings, coached us to move into Apostolic Prophetic worship and introduced God’s feasts and celebrations.

Through these years, he has “set in” an apostolic team (comprising Serena Shim, Aster Soong, Tan Mei Chan, Daniel and Idy Chin) now called Jubilee Sunrise. 

Jubilee Sunrise equips the Body in the following (Eng/Chi/BM):

AP Framework and Training
  A. Apostolic 101

  • A New Administration
  • Apostolic Hubs/Centres
  • Understanding the ABC’s of the Apostolic
  • WLI Teachings
P. Prophetic 101

  • Celebrating the Feasts & Firstfruits
  • Activating the Blessings of the Month
  • Prophetic Activation (MSG- Ministering Spiritual Gifts *see appendix 1 below*)
AP (Apostolic Prophetic)

  • AP Worship
  • AP Prayers
  • AP Evangelism (Treasure Hunt)

Appendix 1

Level 1 – Ministering Spiritual Gifts (MSG) – 18 hours

a. Activating the prophetic

b. Activating revelation gifts

c. Activating songs of the Lord and warfare songs

Minimum 1 minute activation from all participants.


Level 2 – Prophetic Ministry Courses

a. Prophetic Breakthrough (Activation – 5 minutes)

b. Prophetic by Faith (Activation – 15 minutes)

c. Prophetic Advance (Activation – 30 minutes)


These courses are graded and participants are encouraged to go through these stages to get hands-on activation process.

e.g. proceed from MSG > 2a > 2b > 2c

Exceptional cases can be considered if participants need to jump courses.

e.g. MSG > 2b

MSG courses are offered any time when there are minimum of 12 participants.