Dream Interpretation

Fire Stone 7 Dream Centre

Fire Stone 7 Dream Centre was formed in December 2014, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. The core team members of the dream centre are formed by volunteer market place individuals. Majority of the core team members have undergone the courses on Dream interpretation by Barbie Breathitt.  

Thru dreams God has given the name “Fire Stone 7” and also thru dreams God has selected the core team members as well.

Our dream website was developed in 2017. In the website, individuals are welcome to send in their dreams for interpretation. Prior to the website, we have our dream email account whereby individuals from all places are able to send in their dreams to be interpreted. Since then, we have interpreted around 2000 dreams, both recorded and unrecorded. Most of the dreams that came in are from the Asian countries.

We hold dream seminars once a year, and also teach dream interpretation in small groups. We have about 8 active dream interpreters and 5 inactive members.

Fire Stone 7 Dream Centre is aligned with Jubilee Sunrise (AP Centre) with Ap Serena Shim and her core team.

Dream team leader is Mary Chu. She graduated with a Bachelor in Practical Ministry with WLI Malaysia on the November 4, 2017.

Our dream website is “   https://firestone7.org/en/home   “


Note: All dreams interpreted are solely the prerogative of the Dream Interpretation Team and may not necessarily represent the views of the Jubilee Sunrise Ap Team.